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Interstellar Marines Developer Interview with Carsten Boserup

It takes a lot of patience to make a game, even in these days of impressive middleware like Unity and GameMaker. One has to assume, then, it would take FAR MORE patience to work on the same game unfailingly for ten straight years. You read that right, Zero Point Software has been hard at work at their up coming sci-fi tactical FPS since way way back in 2005, and thanks to the wonder of Steam Greenlight it’s finally on its way to completion! We took a second to speak with Carsten “Bozar” Boserup of Zero Point to give us the straight dope on what to expect from this ambitious title.

Tim Allen: First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to talk to us, and for giving me the opportunity to grill you a bit about Interstellar Marines! Before we start, would you like to take a second to introduce yourself?

Carsten Boserup: My please! My name is Carsten “Bozar” Boserup and I am the Community & PR Manager at Zero Point Software (ZPS) I have been part of the team since February 2013 but got officially hired August 2013 along with my (former) Co-Community Manager. Now Producer Paul “Phyrefli” Allen.

According to the internet, development on Interstellar Marines began all the way back in May 2005. Let’s flash back to those days for a second – what inspired Zero Point Software to come together, and what brought about the original concept for Interstellar Marines?

CB: The inspiration actually came way back than 2005. I believe it came in the late 80’s, start 90’s when Kim our crazy game director and Nicolai who’s our sound guy saw Aliens and played Hired Guns, Raven Shield, Half-Life, Deus Ex & System Shock. The mixture of all those titles is really what we want Interstellar Marines to be. An immersive Sci-fi first person simulation with RPG elements set in a near believable future with a heavy story driven experience 

For the single-player, you cite inspiration from two of PC gaming’s big guns – Deus Ex and System Shock, two titles that nearly everyone in PC gaming looks back on fondly. What kind of influence have they had on the design of Interstellar Marines?

CB: System Shock brought immersion in videos game to a whole new level back then. The movements were advanced like you see today in many tactical FPS and there was the non linearity that made the game fun to play over and over. Deus Ex perfectly combined the RPG feeling with Stealth and immersion. The combat was more tactical which we all are fans off at ZPS

Co-op is among the promised features as well. Will this be a separate mode, or will the single-player storyline be co-operative?

CB: You will be able to play the Coop in single player. Basically you will be playing the same scenario as the Coop mode.

What prompted the move to the Unity engine?

CB: Unity was fairly new at the time we changed from UE3. The engine proved that it could do what with wanted with a “few” modification of course, and it was a lot cheaper. I think looking at what the Unity engine can perform today and what is coming in Unity 5, we made the right choice!

Were earlier versions of the game different in any major way, or has Interstellar Marines always been intended as a tactical sci-fi shooter?

CB: Yes and no. We still stick to the original design but we upgraded the game technology. Meaning that the game is simply more up-to-date and not a 2005 version.

And this one is for my own personal curiosity: during multiplayer, sometimes the announcer will warn of escaped test subjects on adjacent floors. What’s the deal with that?!

CB: Ill try not to spoil to much.. But when you and 3 of your friends are going to investigate.. don’t split up.. stay together, check the corners, ceiling and your six and you will do just fine ;-)

Deus Ex and System Shock influences? Co-op campaign? Escaped test subjects? What’s not to be excited about? If this interview didn’t sway you, then feel free to dig my preview of the multiplayer and then head over to Steam Early Access to check out the game’s progress. Like the man said – stay frosty and check your six!

Tim Allen

Tim has been a gamer since the very first Goomba in Super Mario 3 killed him one Christmas. He lives outside of Detroit and is very picky about music and beer.

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