Adult Content Coming to Oculus Rift

While the gaming industry has been atwitter with speculation about what’s to come from the Oculus Rift, SugarDVD has been hard at work trying to make a demo. The purveyor of carnal cinema hopes to have a virtual pornography, starring some of the industry’s “it” girls, before the end of 2014.

Since 2011, when the Netflix-like app became available for streaming on consoles and smart tv’s alike, SugarDVD has become the top provider of adult entertainment apps on almost every console and device available.

While Oculus Rift is planning to insert themselves into Chuck E. Cheese’s near you, SugarDVD intends to insert itself into the Rift. New content will take some time to develop; that’s why SugarDVD is already getting hot and heavy with several L.A. motion capture studios to innovate interactive adult content that puts viewers where all the action is. While most companies are focused on the gaming utility of converting 2D to 3D, SugarDVD is already well on its way to having an interactive demo available for testers.

And soon. Within the next few months, SugarDVD already has plans to release a demo featuring some of the service’s most popular performers and scenes. SugarDVD plans to concentrate on how to put users in control of much more than the “play” and “pause” buttons using the interactive functions of the Oculus Rift. The adult industry has a history of championing home entertainment growth, and SugarDVD, at the forefront of the adult entertainment, is looking to domesticate this strange new animal and bring it to a living room near you.

If you didn’t catch our in-depth exploration of gaming’s influence on SugarDVD, that’s okay. All you needed to know is that SugarDVD has a proven track record of consummating new technology, convenience and copulation. Their service is the creme de la creme of…well, creme. Using the technology that they have developed for their unlimited streaming app, this porn company expects to pave the way for more movie and television based apps to arrive on the Oculus Rift.

Catching people in the act is what SugarDVD knows best, and now, they are calling out to their fellow man to help uphold their commitment to excellence. And/or boobs. “When our demo comes out, we will need beta testers,” says SugarDVD spokesperson Rebecca Bolen. “We will pick the first batch of testers out of our subscriber list, so sign up if you want to get your hands on our virtual reality app first!”

If you think you can muscle through it, you are encouraged to sign up at SugarDVD. The service offers unlimited streaming on Roku, Playstation 3 and 4, Xbox One & 360, as well as the iPad, among other devices.  For $7.99/month, if you’re feeling frisky, you have the opportunity to become part of history in a very Sylvester-Stallone-and-Sandra-Bullock-in-”Demolition-Man” kind of way. SugarDVD even offers a 10-day free trial, just in case potential subscribers are on the fence about whether or not unlimited porn is really worth it for less than the cost of a Netflix or Gamefly subscription.

As an aside:  Should you be one of the golden ticket holders to be selected by SugarDVD to screen their first-ever virtual content, don’t be too big of a gentleman about it, okay? Gizorama would love to read a first-hand account of any beta testers; if interested (and if applicable), please reply to this thread to get in touch with one of our editors.

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