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Curse of Naxxramas: What’s New at a Glance

If you’re like me and you have absolutely no life, than you were waiting with baited breath for the big unveiling of Naxxramas from Blizzard. In a matter of months, Hearthstone has become the single most persistent compulsion I have. It’s an illness, and I was hoping that some major, flawed single-player campaign would grab me by the shoulders, slap me comically back into reality, and break the spell.

Sad times for me.

Curse of Naxxramams: A Hearthstone Adventure is now live. Just like the World of Warcraft raid for which Naxx is rather affectionately named, the expansion will be released in separate wings. Each leg of this optional campaign will offer players spooky and undead bosses to face off against for a fun change of pace. Wing one (the Arachnid wing), available for a limited time for free, is playable now. In fact, if you participate in this launch event, this quarter will be permanently unlocked free of charge, ultimately saving players five bucks down the line. How sweet is that?

Naxxramas Maexxna

For those who don’t yet know, the pricing structure for Naxx is a little different than in the rest of this freemium game model. Just as packs can be unlocked for 100 gold (2 packs for $2.99) and the arena for 150 gold (or $1.99 in real money), admission to Naxxramas can be similarly acquired. 700 gold or $6.99 will buy you into each additional wing following Arachnid.

After the initial launch period ends (and that should be in September, with harder dates to be nailed down in the future), pricing becomes something of a math problem. I live in a house divided, you see; some people think that it’s easier to simply purchase wares in-game, and others believe that you anger the gaming gods by looking a free gift horse in the free mouth. Guess which of those I am?

So I will be earning my admission into the to-be-released wings of Naxx through in-game gold…all 28,000 of it. Those better at sums than I tell me that this is the equivalent to 28 packs. I believe them; I’m just that cheap. If you’re like the rest of my household, you will be buying your way in for the measly sum of $19.99. Well, $14.99 after we unlock one wing using gold, because compromise is important…and because I said so.

Naxxramas gameboard

Official patch notes from Blizzard reveal more, and more eloquently for that matter, than I can. So I’ll let Blizzard say it best:

  • Defeat 15 fearsome bosses to unlock a total of 30 new Hearthstone cards for your collection, including Legendary cards! Naxxramas cards can easily be searched for within My Collection using the search function.
  • An all-new interactive Naxxramas-themed game board awaits you within the Adventure! Discover the surprises that lurk inside the slime pools, the quivering masses of spider eggs (spoilers: It’s spiders), and more!
  • Surmount 9 diabolical Class Challenges that test your skills with each of the unique classes of Hearthstone!
  • Defeating all of the bosses within a wing unlocks the extremely challenging Heroic Mode of that wing. Defeating all of the bosses of Naxxramas on Heroic mode unlocks a new card back for your collection.
  • Five unique wings await those brave enough to venture into Naxxramas. The first wing, The Arachnid Quarter, will immediately be available to play for free for a limited time. The remaining four wings are immediately available for players to unlock with real money or gold, and will become accessible over a period of time once unlocked.

The Arachnid Quarter – Week One (July 22): A web choked maze filled with many-legged minions.
The Plague Quarter – Week Two (July 29): Necromancers brew deadly plagues while a fungal monstrosity lies in wait.
The Military Quarter – Week Three (August 5): Tireless undead knights perfect their deadly arts within these chambers.
The Construct Quarter –Week Four (August 12): Abominations stitched together from the Scourge’s victims stomp through these slime soaked halls.
Frostwyrm Lair – Week Five (August 19): Chilly abode of Sapphiron and the arch-lich Kel’thuzad himself. (A curse upon my air conditioning bill!)

All the new cards are up and available to view on Hearthstone’s Facebook page here, and every wing unlocks new collectible cards, only available by completing these solo adventure wings. For players who couldn’t care less about Naxx, these champions will also reap the benefits of the new solo-adventure roll-out; once each wing is released, each card introduced in that leg of the campaign will become available to all players in the arena. Yea!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some spider ass to spank.

Naxxramas Anub Rekhan

Mariah Beckman

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