Evolve Beta For Xbox One Begins Next Month

2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios announced Thursday that Evolve, an upcoming squad-based FPS, will begin an open beta session for the Xbox One beginning January 15.

The open Beta is scheduled to last until January 19, and any progress made will be carried over to player’s accounts when the game is actually released. Those involved with the beta will be able to play Hunt mode and Evacuation mode, unlocking both new Hunters and Monsters along the way.

While the open beta is available for Xbox One players only, smaller technical tests are being conducted for both the PS4 and PC. Players who took part in the alpha testing earlier this year will automatically receive an invite to join the technical test, and anyone with BioShock Infinite or Left 4 Dead in their Steam libraries will also receive similar invitations.

Along with the announcement of the Xbox One beta, Turtle Rock has also confirmed offline gameplay for Evolve. Solo players operate as either a Hunter or a Monster and take on the opposing side in all of the game modes available in online play. Offline play will not be available for the beta test in January.

Evolve is set to release on February 10, 2015 for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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