Gaming on a Budget: Weekend of May 23rd 2014

We’ve all been there, looking for a new game to play but with barely enough money in your pocket to escape the fast food dollar menu. Don’t want to go into the weekend with nothing to do right? Fear Not: I’m going to provide you with the best games each week! Any and Everything I suggest in here can be had for under five dollars! Here’s my gaming on a budget for the weekend of 5\23\2014:

How to Survive (PC)

How to Survive

This is somewhat of a cult gem for me. How to Survive, is a survival game with hack and slash combat taking place on three islands overrun by the undead. It has character customization in the form of skill trees as well as an extensive crafting system. Don’t be fooled by the 60/100 on Metacritic. This game has improved a significant amount since it’s early access launch last October. In fact, the developers recently announced that even more content would be coming as free updates before the end of the year. Don’t miss out on How to Survive for the low price of $3.74 on Steam, now through May 29th. Steam

TimeShift (PC)

TimeShift 2

Man, I remember playing the demo for this shortly after the 360 launch and being absolutely enthralled with the time travel mechanic as well as how graphically impressive everything was. TimeShift launched to lukewarm reviews that called it just another shooter with a novel time mechanic, at Sixty dollars it was a rather hard sell but at Five dollars you really can’t go wrong! TimeShift is a fun shooter that despite being over five years old it has aged rather gracefully. It still looks respectable today and the puzzle’s are still incredibly fun and engaging thanks to the time powers. Seriously, it’s 5 dollars on Amazon and the key activates via Steam. The Deal appears to be part of their sale that goes through May 31st but I’d jump on it sooner rather than later to be safe. Amazon

Game of Thrones (PS3)

Game of Thrones

You like Game of Thrones right? Of course you do, everyone likes Game of Thrones! Well then, this game is for you. There have been a few games in the GoT universe and they’ve been a mixed bag. The PC Strategy gave was horrendous and broken beyond belief. Luckily, the RPG game bares a lot of similarities to the Dragon Age series. You play through a story that runs parallel to the TV shows plot, without spoiling anything I will say that it’s a rather well written and faithful to the canon side tale. It’s a serviceable RPG game with a solid story, what more can you really as for at the price of two Big Macs? You can get Game of Thrones for $4.99 on PSN right now, no Plus account required. There’s no listed end date for the sale so act fast! PlayStation Store

There you have it, I’ve saved you from a weekend filled with boredom. Now go! Game!

Zach Giehm

Zach lives in some purgatory between Seattle and Burien and has been gaming as early as he can remember.

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