GoG Announces its own Steam Competitor, “GoG Galaxy”

CD Projekt is expanding its online distribution service Good Old Games, with its own Steam-esque library component. Known as “Galaxy”, this service is being directly touted as a Steam competitor, only with more of a focus on reducing always-online requirements. The client will also feature optional automatic patching and some form of “crossplay”, a system whereby one could play the games they purchased from Steam on Galaxy. The first game to be released on Galaxy will be a board game-style adventure game set within The Witcher Universe.

I like GoG and their anti-DRM policies, so I’m excited about an offline distribution service or “optional client”. I’m not sure if I’ll make any kind of drastic switch from Steam, but it’s nice to have another distribution client that isn’t laughably pathetic in its restrictiveness like Origin or Uplay.

What are your thoughts on GoG Galaxy, esteemed readers?

Source: Game Informer.

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