Harmonix’s Amplitude Funded Through Kickstarter

For a few weeks now, fans of the PlayStation 2 music game Amplitude have been waiting and watching anxiously as Harmonix Studio’s Kickstarter campaign edged closer and closer to their $775,000 goal. And now, with over 20 hours left to spare, they’ve done it.

Currently sitting at $783,608 with 12,558 backers, Amplitude will be coming to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on an undisclosed date. The Kickstarter page reminds fans that both fans and critics alike were huge fans of the original game from 2001, quoting IGN, Eurogamer, and GameSpot. In the years since Amplitude‘s release, Harmonix has grown into a bit of a powerhouse in regards to music games, thanks mostly to Guitar Hero and Rock Band. 

The campaign was met with some criticism early on due to the studio’s success and the likelihood that Harmonix could’ve probably funded the game themselves, however Harmonix struck back at these alegations with a blog post on May 13th. The post explains the situation as such:

While we’re known for AAA console titles released via major publishers, at this point we’re really just an independently owned and operated studio. When it comes to big games, we’re working contract to contract and hoping to get to make the next thing that fans will love.

Sometimes, our ideas for projects are small enough that we can tackle them on our own and self-fund…But other times a project comes along that’s too ambitious in scale, scope, or cost for us to be able to responsibly make it completely out of pocket. In those cases, like any other group that wants to make an ambitious project, we have to find ways to pay for the development of the games we want to make.

With 20 hours left to fund, Harmonix could meet it’s next stretch goal of $1,125,000 which would bring online head-to-head multiplayer to the final product. If this sounds like something you’re interested in funding, check out the Kickstarter page here.

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