Harrison Ford Injured by Millenium Falcon on Set of Episode VII

Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon are having a lover’s quarrel. And the Falcon is winning.

Harrison Ford was filming Star Wars: Episode  VII when the 71 year-old actor was injured by the door of the ship that Ford’s iconic character Han Solo pilots in the film. At Pinewood Studios, west of London, the door of the Falcon seems to have somehow ambiguously injured Ford’s ankle. The injury does not sound life threatening.

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford, 71, tussles with and is bested–for now–by the door of the Millennium Falcon.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Disney studios has released a statement intimating that the veteran Han Solo was taken to a local hospital outside of England, and that, as he recuperates, filming will continue as  scheduled previously. An representative for the British Health and Safety Executive told CNN that an inquiry is being made into the set and the incident to ensure that future ankles can make it past the Millenium Falcon’s fickle sliding doors unscathed.

Fun fact:  At 71, Ford is almost 10 years older than Alec Guinness, the actor made famous by the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi in the first Star Wars film. Ford’s character, Han Solo, tells Guinness’s Konibi then that the Millenium Falcon is “fast enough for you old man.” Apparently the door in Episiode VII has a playful sense of irony.

Millenium Falcon
“Fast enough for you, old man.”

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