Hunting for the Next Big Thing at INDIGO

We’ve only scratched the surface of all the possible game genres.

That is what came to mind after seeing and playing a load of games at the this year’s INDIGO game exhibition  held in the Utrecht, The Netherlands. A ‘Silicon Valley’ for indie games, according to one of the developers.

For two days, Utrecht’s newly opened cultural center is home to some of the most creative geniuses in the industry. In a glow of purple lighting, gamers and game developers alike are playing games, looking at games and talking about games. Bearded developers lean against their game’s stand, accompanied by talkative designers, all while the programmer is at home, drowning in code.

INDIGO is the place where the most creative geniuses show off their babies.

The developers at INDIGO act more like friends then competitors, and I’m being sent back and forth between stands to take a look at the best games on the scene. It’s a tough job, but I’ve played them and picked out the bees knees to showcase on GIZORAMA.

Following this article will be 7 of the most original, strange, touching or plain absurd games that we found at INDIGO.

Part 1: Lumini – Float, Chirp and Relax

Part 2: Interstellar Rift – Living in Spaceships

Part 3: Fragments of Him – Pure Drama Gaming

Part 4: Tribal & Error – A Robot in the Ice Age

Part 5: Black Feather Forest – Canadian Disappearances as Inspiration

Part 6: Westerado – Fallout, 16-bit Zelda, & DayZ in a Spaghetti Western

Tom Franse

A long time ago, Tom was pulled in the world of digital warfare & pixelated adventures. Tom became a journalist and the pixels increased in numbers. Today he writes about them from his humble shack in the Netherlands.

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