‘Phantom Dust’ Trademarked by Microsoft

GamingEverything is reporting that Microsoft has registered a new trademark for ‘Phantom Dust’ in Europe.

Phantom Dust, of course, was a game released on the original Xbox in 2004 and designed by Panzer Dragoon creator Yukio Futatsugi. It would never go on to find much success, but would become something of a cult hit. Phantom Dust’s Wikipedia page describes the game as a “pseudo-card-based action/strategy game in which the player collects skills…and takes missions to attempt to discover why Earth is in the condition it is.”


Microsoft has yet to announce anything regarding this trademark, so it could be nothing, but it’s still interesting nonetheless.

Tyler Nope

Tyler lives in the Portland, OR area with his wife and cat. He loves pizza, comic books, and video games.

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