Confirmed: Battlefield: Hardline Info Leaked

Update: EA has confirmed the existence of Battlefield: Hardline and will be revealing more at their E3 press conference on June 9th.

NeoGaf user Lakitu (via GetBBlog) has leaked a wealth of information about a new Battlefield game due out later this year titled Battlefield: Hardline.

The new game is expected to a cops versus robbers type of experience featuring game modes like Capture the Flag, Heist, and Blood Money along with a Commander mode (not unlike Battlefield 4). Several classes have also been leaked, including Enforcer, Mechanic, Operator, and Professional, which seem very similar in name to the traditional 4 classes found in previous games.


The leak also reveals a wealth of information including potential images, team names (Thieves and SWAT), and internal names for weapons, vehicles, unlocks, and items. It is also rumored (and expected) that we’ll see some footage at E3 in June.

Much of this information seems to fit in-line with earlier reports that Visceral Studios has been working on a SWAT/Police themed Battlefield game, but nothing has been confirmed by EA or Visceral at this point. As soon as something is, we’ll update this page.

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