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RuPaul’s Drag Race: Dragopolis 2.0 Coming to Mobile

Get it, honey! Announced yesterday is the latest installment in RuPaul’s legacy of hilarious, individual glamourpuss style. RuPaul’s Drag Race:  Dragopolis 2.0 is currently in development for iOS and Google Play from So Much Drama Studios. That’s right, bitches:  RuPaul is still alive, still fabulous, and still rescuing hunks everywhere from the evil clutches of vile, dirty divas.

An updated take on the first app with the same name, 2.0 features breakout drag queens like Alaska, Jinkx Monsoon, Jujubee, Ongina, Shagela, Sharon Needles and Raven. Don’t know who those people are? That’s fine—the game is still hilarious. Between her show and her games, it’s hard to forget just why America loves this sassy queen of the drag carpet. Titles like Dragopolis remind gamers that while there are some things that just won’t die out of the media spotlight, those things can be more endearing when they choose to poke fun at themselves just a little bit. RuPaul’s Drag Race manages to do just that, artfully, making Dragopolis a fun albeit pointless mobile platformer.

Since the 80s, RuPaul has been attracting hunky fellas and fruitflies alike with her sugary sweet persona, larger than life glam fashion, and in-your-face spunk. (No pun intended.) In the game, players hear Ru explain the free-running style rules in this action puzzle game with true RuPaul flair. Racers must attempt to rescue the Pit Crew (otherwise known as ripped, booty-boxer-wearing man candy) from the insidious Apocalypstyk, an evil drag queen hellbent on sabotaging Ru’s drag show and stealing her menfolk.  In the original Dragopolis, players could use their own visage on the custom drag queen fighter avatar; players hope that this is a surviving feature in the updated game release. Fabulous hair and outfits abound in this un “Rupaulagetic”ally fun romp to save the show and the mansels in distress.

Race to center stage and avoid Apocalypstk’s minions, amusing as they are. All the while, Rupaul keeps racers motivated with snarky encouragement and bold asides. It’s Ru’s wild and witty comedy that makes Dragopolis so hard to put down, especially at the irresistible price of free-ninety-nine. The game will offer 45 levels of glitz and glamor, and the simple but fierce missions are hard not to love. The game will also offer fashion challenges inspired by RuPaul’s Drag Race, the show. Photos will be snapped, shows will be saved, and bodies will be resnatched if RuPaul’s drag minions have any say in the matter at all.

The developers haven’t released a hard date for RuPaul’s Drag Race: Dragopolis 2.0 just yet, although they have assured followers via their Facebook page that “we’ve got our squirrelfriends focused” on finishing the app as soon as possible. Fans have only one thing to say in reply:  Girl, you better work!

Mariah Beckman

Mariah lives in Seattle, and is really 3 midgets inside a lady suit.

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