Star Wars: Force of Change Offers Chance to Appear in Star Wars: Episode VII

National Geek Day falls on May 25. This quirky day, honoring nerds and their compatriots, marks the release date of the original Star Wars film in 1977.

If you’re geeking out about the latest installment of the saga, Star Wars Episode VII (being filmed now and due out in 2015), then you may also be excited to learn that you could become a part of history, standing right alongside Han Solo and Chewbacca come action call.

JJ Abrams, director of this much-anticipated installment of Star Wars franchise made an exciting announcement May 21st. In a raffle that will be open from May 21 – July 18, the Star Wars: Force of Change campaign will raise funds and awareness for United Nations Children’s Fund’s (UNICEF) Innovation Labs. Disney, who acquired the rights to Star Wars in late 2012, has pledged $1 million to support the program’s launch. The proceeds from the raffle will be used to the benefit of some of the world’s most vulnerable, underserved youth.

All for the measly sum of $10 per ticket, bounty from The Star Wars: Force for Change Grand Prize includes:

• Airfare and accommodations to London for one winner and a guest
• Behind-the-scenes access on the closed set of Star Wars: Episode VII as VIP guests of J.J. Abrams
• Winner will have the opportunity to meet members of the cast
• Winner and their guest will then be transformed by makeup and costume teams into a Star Wars character
and filmed for a scene in Star Wars: Episode VII

Everyone who participates will be entered into the grand prize drawing, but there are other Kickstarter-esqué levels of reward and prizes as well, ranging from $10 to $50,000 tiers of gifting incentives.

If you’re feeling charitable, lucky, or both, you don’t need Jedi mind tricks to get in on this action. Simply visit to learn more about this initiative, your contribution, or free entry for your chance to win at

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