WildStar Pre-Launch Event Announced

Hey there, Cupcake! Guess what?! The WildStar team over at Carbine Studios announced today that they’re going to be holding a three-day pre-launch event over on their Twitch feed! Not only that, but you might even have the chance to score some sweet loot from not just the WildStar group, but Logitech and Nvidia too! They even not so subtly hint you could score yourself a copy of the game! Plus, if you ask me, the devs are hilarious on their Twitch feed and the shows should be worth a watch on their own. According to their forum post today here’s what we can expect.

Saturday – 5/31

10am – 1pm PDT Hot Pepper Gaming

  • If you’re not familiar with Hot Pepper Gaming, it ‘s a group of people who’ve blended together our love of schadenfreude with our love of gaming reviews. Pop on over to their channel and watch people scarf down various hot peppers and then try to give a review through the pain and tears.

2pm – 5pm PDT Monika Lee

  • Known for her gorgeous and insanely detailed cosplay, spanning all corners of geekdom, Monika Lee was even at the WildStar PAX East booth! Maybe she’ll give us some tips on how to get the Aurin tail and ears just right?
Monika Lee's Aurin cosplay, taken by Martin Wong
Monika Lee’s Aurin cosplay, taken by Martin Wong

Sunday – 6/1

2pm – 5pm PDT Bajheera

  • Commonly found on his Twitch channel playing WoW and League of Legends, Bajheera will be joining the WildStar Twitch channel to help showcase the PvP aspects of the game, and show us how it should be done!

Monday – 6/2

10am – 1pm PDT MindCrack with PauseUnpause

  • MindCrack is a Minecraft server and their YouTube and Twitch channel videos are all from various players on the server. PauseUnpause is one of their Let’s Play gamers who’s joining us for the pre-launch event. He does more than just Minecraft, so if that’s not your thing you should swing by his channel and see what else he’s played!
Mind Crack Podcast, I love that logo!
Mind Crack Podcast, I love that logo!

2pm – 5pm PDT Sevadus

  • Another well known Let’s Play Twitch personality, Sevadus is also an astrophysics PhD student and Minecraft megabuilder. He’ll be winding down the launch event with us and we’re all wondering what he’ll have planned as the last in the roster.

All in all the lineup looks very promising and I can’t wait to see what they all do with their time slots. My best friend and I already have plans to set it up on his TV and watch it while we bum around in the headstart. Will you be watching? What do you think of the line-up they’ve put together for us? Let us know in the comments!

Gwynn Hamilton

Gwynn lives in Beaverton, Oregon under the keen scrutiny of 3 cats with no hope of escape. Her mother handed her a controller before she could read and she never once looked back.

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