Xbox One’s June Update to Include External Storage, Real Names, & More

Larry Hyrb (better known as Xbox Live’s Major Nelson) has revealed via his blog today that the Xbox One update for June will bring the long-requested support for external storage and the use of real names for your friends list.

The blog describes the use of external storage drives as extremely easy-to-use, requiring only that the users plug in a 256GB or larger USB 3.0 external drive through one of the console’s several USB outlets. The update will support the use of up to 2 external drives for the storage of games and apps.

Not unlike the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One will finally allow you to share your real name with individuals on your friends list. The Major states that “you’ll be able to share with all your friends, a subset of your choosing, friends of friends or none at all. The choice is yours.”

In addition to these features, Hryb lists several other enhancements coming to the Xbox One, including the ability to access the OneGuide via SmartGlass as well as Universal Remote Control, expanded access to OneGuide in Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy, and new benefits to Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

Tyler Nope

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