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Xbox, Turn Me On – A Look at SugarDVD on Next-Gen Consoles

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users have a lot more to get excited about than leaderboards and leveling up. SugarDVD, the Los Angeles-based purveyor of adult entertainment, offers a streaming app for consoles (and a 10-day free trial that includes unlimited streaming). The company began offering mail-order titles in 2002, and has since expanded content to DVD sales, download-to-own titles, adult toy sales and unlimited streaming content on mobile devices, PC’s and consoles. Sugar DVD has received the public stamp of approval from the likes of Flava Flav and Adam Corolla, and has been linked to other celebrities, including–but not limited to–Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, and Mini Me.

Catering to the gamer-demographic, which began in 2012 with the PS3, has been good for business. With the release of the PS4 and Xbox One app for Sugar DVD (as well as Wii U and Ouya), gaming console traffic consists of around 45% of Sugar DVD’s total traffic (up from 36% in 2013). Regardless of whether subscribers watch on PC, console or mobile devices, members seem to commonly sign up for the service on Friday evenings, around 7 PM. Between 9 and 10 PM Friday, SugarDVD reports, more viewers log on than during any other hour of the day.

It’s 4.20 Somewhere

It has been widely reported that PS4 owners outnumber those who have purchased the Xbox One. Regardless of console preference, it appears that all console users have an affinity for “Amateur” viewing in similitude. Another common bond that console users appear to share with the overall viewership of adult entertainment is a certain counter-culture recreation. SugarDVD saw a spike last year in viewing on the innocuous date of April 20th in 2013; users watched almost 4 times more adult content during 4/20 than on average. (This statistic tops Valentine’s Day, which also sees a spike in viewing, with members watching 43 percent longer than on average, and–adorably–more couple-themed genres). If Sour Diesel is something you expect to find in your Easter basket this year, perhaps you can also be counted on to spend some quality time online with Lexi Belle and Kristina Rose, two adult actresses whose popularity also spikes on 4/20. The 20th day of the fourth month falleth on Easter this year, so results may vary (until around 9-10 pm, anyway, if statistics offer any insight at all).

It’s about how you use it.

While console users bear similarities to the general viewing population, it seems that some discernible differences exist in viewing habits between consoles. Xbox users have a tendency to watch 1.5 x’s longer than PS4 users, as well as log in 3 times as frequently, for example. It is unclear at this time if this is any sort of indicator as to which console owners are getting the luckiest (or which are the best solo acts).

When gamers aren’t delivering punishment and racking up XP, SugarDVD reports that Xbox console viewers also take aim at Amateur, MILF and College content most frequently.  Playstation 4 users seem to favor more pragmatic genres, with the top three categories viewed on these consoles consisting of All Girl, Amateur and Black.

Not just for the men-folk.

Just as the gaming industry includes more and more women (in 2013, women comprised 45% of the gaming demographic according to the Entertainment Software Association), SugarDVD reports that female subscribers make up a substantial percentage of viewership. A staggering 43% of mobile traffic was attributed to female subscribers at SugarDVD in 2014 (compared to 22% on PC and consoles), with women favoring genres like All-Girl, Couples and Amateur. It can be inferred that women are smart enough to have learned from the foibles of men who have come before them, discreetly viewing viewables in stealth mode or on the go.

Weird science.

Virtual reality isn’t just for Stallone and Whoever The Lawnmower Man Was anymore. With new technology emerging rapidly (Google Glass, Oculus Rift, Virtuix Omni), interactive carnal cinema will render obsolete couples’ fights over unsavory search terms and non-private browsing. Porn has long been at the forefront new media’s evolution, so it’s not surprising that SugarDVD has it’s finger on the pulse of interactive and immersive, 3D porn. Ushered in, along with interactive POV and facial-recognition-based actress recommendations, will come a new, exciting wave of jealous arguments (including, “Why are you dryhumping the endtable?”, “How come you’re home so early?”, “What the hell are you pretending to have in your mouth?” or, “Why do WE never do that?”).

SugarDVD is working to come first in VR porn development. It is estimated that fully integrated pornography will be available to the public within 5 years time. “SugarDVD is currently working on developing immersion technology for our streaming apps and adult content,” said SugarDVD spokesperson Rebecca Bolen, “particularly on the Oculus Rift. We are working on making adult entertainment and 3D virtual reality the new face of porn.”  While this technology is presently in the development stage, it is most certainly being experimented with. “When the time comes, we will definitely need beta testers!” Bolen told Gizorama. “Who knows, we may hold a contest to see who gets to test out our app first in the virtual reality world.”

Somewhere, a phone rings. And then another. There is a pall, and then, like a slow, dull roar rising in houses and neighborhoods and city blocks, all around you:  phones are ringing, in unison, everywhere.

It has begun.

A few fun facts to roll credits through:

  • AAA is indicative of best in class for more than just restaurants, hotels and auto insurance. According to SugarDVD’s statistics, last year there was one “A” in particular that was in the highest demand. So far into 2014, “A”‘s are still all the rage, with Amateur and All-Girl leading the charge, and …the other “A” at the tail-end of the top 5. Yea for consistency!
  • “Chubby” porn is apparently rising in popularity, and has made it into the top ten so far this year.
  • For whatever inexplicable reason, “Feet” are  most still one of the least-watched adult genres. If “try something new” was on your list of New Year’s resolutions… (It couldn’t be any weirder than watching a Lady Gaga video.)
  • While “Small Boobs” aren’t really climbing the charts, “Big Boobs” are still in high demand. Fancy that. This category is in the top 10 for 2013 and 2014. The MILF genre has also been in high demand at SugarDVD for several years.

Mariah Beckman

Mariah lives in Seattle, and is really 3 midgets inside a lady suit.


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