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Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle Review

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Developer: Capcom Vancouver
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Review Platform: Xbox One
Review Copy Provided By: Microsoft Studios
Release Date:January 21, 2014


Operation Broken Eagle, is the first of four pieces of DLC for Dead Rising 3 that will be released in the coming months. Unlike its launch counterpart, Ryse: Son of Rome, Dead Rising 3 is focusing more on story driven content. Operation Broken Eagle comes with a brand new campaign, focusing on a new character, five new weapons, a vehicle, and an outfit to wear, but is all of this worth your $10?

Playing as Commander Adam Kane, Operation Broken Eagle is a tale of pure jingoism at its finest. Under the command of General Hemlock, Kane and his men go to Los Perdidos in order to locate and capture an important VIP, the President of the United States. Unfortunately for them, the biker gang who has taken residence in the city, shoot down their helicopter and force Kane to go on his mission solo. U.S soldiers turn on each other, and Kane commits some truly vile acts during the course of the game.  While I can’t say this new protagonist is anything special, his circumstances are. Not only does the plot do a decent job of showing the blindness that nationalistic fever can create, it also fills in some of the holes in the main game.

Adam Kane
Adam Kane

Although I found the plot to be enjoyable, don’t expect it to be too long. Clocking in at 3-4 hours after all of the side activities and main game had been completed, it is definitely on the short side. There is also no Co-op support, and there are elements of the original game that feel absent here. Wearing costumes, and equipping weapons from lockers are gone. And while I loved that your level from the main game carries over, there was just too much taken away to feel like a true Dead Rising 3 experience.

There is a fair amount items that come with this this bit of DLC. Weapons range from the simple but effective dual combat knives, to a frost cannon or 500 round mini gun. I genuinely enjoyed the look and feel of these weapons, and it is a must have for anyone that enjoys ranged combat.

Soldier vs. Soldier
Soldier vs. Soldier

Fitting with the military theme of Operation Broken Eagle, the available vehicle is a light tank. While it is a nice addition, unless you are dead set on making your character military themed, this would not be a preferred method of travel, due to its relatively low durability and slow speed.

When I first heard that a new consume would be unlocked for the main game, I immediately assumed it would be Adam Kane’s tactical suit, but instead you are given General Hemlock’s uniform. I find this to be a bizarre choice, considering Hemlock is only mentioned a few times and never seen throughout this DLC, nevertheless, there is nothing bad about the quality of this costume.


Operation Broken Eagle is a good piece of DLC for Dead Rising 3 that is a bit too expensive. If you are a hardcore Dead Rising 3 fan who craves more story content and items, then you are best off buying the season pass for $30 if you haven’t already, but I simply cannot recommend this as an individual purchase.

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