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Model: 32 GB Wireless Flash Drive
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The new SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive is something I never thought I would see. A flash drive to connect to mobile devices would have been nice several years ago, but now there are so many methods of doing the same thing for free, and more seamlessly. Honestly, this whole device seems to be a waste of time for most people, and only useful to a niche market.

Compatible with iOS, Android, and Kindles, the flash drive comes in variants of 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. The device itself is slightly larger than standard flash drives, but built pretty solid. The actual USB part of the flash drive is actually just a method of data transportation, and there is a replaceable micro SD card slot, so if you felt compelled, you could upgrade it later on without buying a whole new model. It can stream media from three devices simultaneously, but does require to be charged after about four hours of use.

SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive
SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive

The software behind it works ok, but there are a few limitations. When connecting your device to the flash drive, the flash drive cannot be connected to a PC. Also, when you join the flash drive network, you lose connection to your current Wi-Fi network. This is not a huge deal, and there are methods of reconnecting, but it can be inconvenient at times. The most frustrating part to the entire flash drive is that it struggled to connect to my devices even when it was right next to it. All of these minor complaints aside, when it worked, it was fast and steaming things like HD video went on without a hitch.

Here is the main issue I have with this device in particular: What use does it offer that is unique or in fact useful? Only in rare situations do I see this being relevant. Since it is essentially is a media storage device, its function seems redundant when compared to cloud based storage services. The only time it would be remotely useful is when you had no Wi-Fi and Cellular Data available. Granted, this can happen, but carrying an extra device on the go is very counter intuitive.

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If you need media files that are too large to be saved to your mobile devices, and require access to them at all times, then this is for you. However, this seems to me like a relatively small market, and though I find its execution to be decent, I question the purpose.

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