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In Honor of Satoru Iwata, Let’s Play Kirby’s Adventure

EDIT: Thanks for stopping by everyone! You can find our Let’s Play above.

In a quiet press release sent out July 12th, Nintendo announced that their president of thirteen years (and CEO for two), Satoru Iwata, had passed away at the age of 55. While we can’t say we knew the man, we felt like the best way to honor his memory was to play one of the many games he worked on at HAL Laboratory before his time as President – 1993’s Kirby’s Adventure!

Join us at 10PM EST for a return trip to Dreamland and maybe we can all share our favorite memories of Iwata and the games and hardware he brought into our lives.

Tim Allen

Tim has been a gamer since the very first Goomba in Super Mario 3 killed him one Christmas. He lives outside of Detroit and is very picky about music and beer.

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