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Kickstarter of the Week: The Adventure Case

Kickstarter PageThe Adventure Case
Project By: Dog Might Games
Goal: $1,000
End Date: June 1st, 2015
In a Nutshell: “A high quality, fully customizable gaming case that acts as a dice box, rolling tray, storage area, and rolling screen all in one.”

One of the biggest pains around tabletop games is keeping track of all of the necessary accessories. Some games provide dice and a place to keep them in the box, which helps, as long as you don’t lose those parts. However, losing small pieces is inevitable, and there are fantastic games out there from companies like Cheap Ass Games, where the buyer is on the hook for dice and accessories. Further, when actually in the middle of a game, there’s nothing worse then dropping dice on the table to have them just… plop face up. No roll, no movement. Nothing. Maybe there just isn’t space to throw those bad boys like you’re on a heater in Vegas, or the game board is stacked with pieces in specific places. Regardless, you’re stuck with an anti-climactic moment, staring at snake eyes after the dice refused to budge, and your character just got eaten alive by zombies. Also, if you travel to a lot of game nights, and bring your own pieces, you probably have your hands full from the moment you get out of the car. If you can relate to any of the scenarios above, The Adventure Case is for you.

The Adventure Case looks to be one of the best multi-purpose tabletop tools I’ve ever seen. It serves as a transit tool when heading to a friend’s place, as well as a place to store dice and card games, and finally a place to actually execute your dice rolls as well. Top that off with tons of different customizable aesthetic options, including type of wood used, emblem on the box, and the kind of material used to make the box. If you feel like it, you can even add some lighting. This case brings some style to any tabletop session, if you’ve got the cash to burn.

The Adventure Case provides room for dice, card games, and other tabletop accessories.
The Adventure Case provides room for dice, card games, and other tabletop accessories.

The Adventure Case looks really great, but it isn’t cheap. For every customization to add to the box, there’s an extra charge. With this, you really get what you pay for. The base price to actually have a box made is $95, with differing tiers all the way up to $500 to have your own box made with custom specs and details. The creation and shipping of The Adventure Case is done in a FIFO (that’s First In First Out for you non-accounting nerds), so the longer you wait to back the project, the longer you’ll be stuck waiting for your box to arrive. The price is somewhat of a turn off, but if you have the dollars sitting around, and you consider yourself a tabletop enthusiast, don’t wait any longer, back this Kickstarter ASAP.

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