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Kickstarter of the Week: Touchy Feely

Kickstarter PageTouchy Feely
Project By: Eleventy Games
Goal: $35,000
End Date: April 25th, 2015
In a Nutshell: “The world’s first lights out party game. Go against friends by completing tasks to earn points, all in the dark. The darker the better.”

Lately, there has been a meteoric rise of the “Party” card/tabletop game. Including games like Mad Gab, Headbands, or the über-popular Cards Against Humanity. These aren’t solely played by the tabletop diehards, but by the average Janes and Joes in the world. Party games aren’t meant to be overly strategic or require a ton of thought. They are games which are played to laugh, and be genuinely both fun and funny to play. This brings me to this week’s Kickstarter of the Week: Touchy Feely!

Touchy Feely is a game played in complete darkness. Players are dealt five Task cards at the beginning of each round, which they must complete once the Light Keeper (who changes each round) kicks off the round by turning off the lights. The Light Keeper then must turn the lights on after the one-minute mark , but not before the two-minute mark. They must decide when to flip the switch, without being able to actually see the timer. Each player gets a turn to be the Light Keeper and at the end, the person with the most points, dubbed Bulbies, wins. There are 200 different task cards, adding tremendous variety to the game, and adding to the replay value.

Touchy Feely looks like a blast to play, and takes less than 20-30 minutes to complete. The overwhelming potential for hilarious hijinks once the lights have gone dark looks to lend to some great memories, along the same lines as Cards Against Humanity in terms of some of the combinations that my friends and I STILL talk about. One of the biggest challenges for party games is keeping the ramp-up time to a minimum, which opens up gameplay to as wide a variety of people as possible, and Touchy Feely executes this exceptionally well. The potential for six players makes this a great option for any small gathering, but some of the Task cards look like a decent amount of space is required, or dice could go flying around the room in a moment’s notice.

Overall, Touchy Feely is full of potential. On paper, it looks like a blast to play, but more than anything else, its something different. Its adds a new element to party games by switching the lights off, and forcing players to have to rely upon their other senses to complete their tasks. The price tag for this game is a little steep, at $40 for the Early Bird Special, and $50 for the regular Core Game, and does not include shipping. This is also the group’s first Kickstarter, and they still have a long way to go, but this is a project with a great core idea. I really hope they meet their goal, or find some way to get this game out to the public. I’d love to give it a shot and see just how much fun it would be to fumble around, trying to throw a die into something without hitting a friend in the face, even if the latter might make a group laugh a lot more.

John Ceccarelli

John lives in a small city outside of Portland, OR. He has been chasing achievements and trophies since his early teen years. After working at a small shoe company during the week, he enjoys spending time with his dog and wife, writing code, and crawling through monster-infested dungeons.

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