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Streamer of the Week – NAYSAYERZ Plays The Forest

Thank you to everyone who made it out to watch Naysayerz play The Forest! She gave it a good try and certainly killed enough wildlife in the meantime! You can check out her channel here for future streams!
We’re planning on making this a weekly feature, so if you want to have your stream showcased, contact Johnny Ohm with a direct message on Twitter. Thanks again for stopping by!

Happy Saturday, everybody! We here at GIZORAMA are proud to finally welcome all of you to our very first Streamer of the Week installment, a weekly livestream article featuring a variety of different gamers showcasing their skills. Our very first guest is none other than the lovely Naysayerz, who has agreed to share with us her first playthrough of The Forest.

While she may be new to the cannibal-infested woods of this indie horror adventure, Nay is no stranger to zombie invasions and has time and time-again proven her survival skills in the harsh servers of Day Z. Though she appreciates being able to meet up with friends in-game and scavenge as a crowd, she has instead opted to go it alone today, relying on naught but her instincts (and cardio…assuming cannibals can run fast) to get her through the night.

Nay’s streams are always full to bursting with great games, awesome conversations, and wonderful people, so join us as we welcome her to the GIZORAMA family for this momentous first step for Streamer of the Week! Thanks, Nay!

A Little Bit About Our Guest

ptsiq-aiNay, 21, games from the comfort of her home in Kent, UK (a.k.a. The Garden of England), often suffering from the strains a rural setting can have on comforts such as internet connection. Though she started her streaming career back in 2011 with a series of RPGs, Nay had too much on her plate to devote enough time to it, but has since picked it back up (as well as a separate YouTube channel) with renewed vigor. She recalls her first gaming experience on a GameBoy Color with such classics as Tetris, Worms, Metroid, and Zelda, and has upgraded over the years to a custom-built PC, dabbling in anything from Smite to Max Payne.

Nay’s love of streaming stems from the passion she has for the community itself, and she’s always more than willing to share her knowledge of a certain game or genre with anyone in the friendliest way possible. While she admits there have been tough streams, with rude commenters or technical issues, she nonetheless carries on with shining charisma, and it isn’t simply for her own pleasure! Last year, Nay orchestrated a 25-hour charity livestream to raise money for the awareness of Crohn’s Disease, even capturing the attention (and contribution) of the well-known YouTuber Syndicate. Along with the possibility of another charity, she also plans on adding a few new features to her channel in the upcoming months.

You can connect with Nay using the links listed here. Drop by and say hello, she doesn’t bite!

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