Be the Batman in Live Action Arkham Knight Trailer

Whether you’re a boxer, firefighter, or some guy on a train, there will always be a chance to let out your inner Dark Knight. At least, that’s what Warner Bros. wants you to believe with their new live action trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight.

While the trailer itself lacks any gameplay and only lightly features Batman and friends towards the end, the inspiring message behind everyday citizens doing great deeds reminds us all that if we have enough money and no parents, we too can be a hero.

If nothing else, at least Nine Inch Nails fans will be pleased.

Batman: Arkham Knight is set to release on June 23 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Check out the trailer and think about how you can be the better Batman!

Johnny Ohm

When his nose isn't diligently to the grindstone, Johnny can be found skulking around the dark corners of San Francisco's many pubs. You can contact Johnny via Twitter or ouija board.

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