Bethesda Great War Sale Event Is On

This week Bethesda is hyping up, as if possible, the release of Fallout 4 which is coming out on November 10th. Over at their store their offering the Great War Sale Event, which lasts until Monday the 26th. Each day a new Fallout item is rolled out and gamers can save money on all sorts of goodies throughout the week.

Starting Monday there will be a limited edition T-shirt, a special edition Vault Boy controller for the Xbox One, a messenger bag designed in the fashion of a Pip-Boy, an exclusive Vault-Tec watch and some books featuring the art of Fallout 4.

There will also be an Ultimate Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide Bundle available for $130. The bundle features some Nuka Cola gear, calendar, maps, guide and all packaged together and ready to help you become the ultimate survivor.

Sale is available through Bethesda’s store here and lasts until October 26th.

Carly Fjeld

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