Codemasters Tease New Overlord Game

It looks like today is simply ripe with mysterious game announcements. A vague picture tweeted by Codemasters, the publishers of the Overlord series, hints at a third installment to the despotic franchise.

It’s been nearly six years since the previous installments, Overlord II, Overlord: Dark Legend, and Overlord: Minions, were released, but developer Triumph Studios has been anything but idle, according to a 2013 facebook post indicating that they have been “been working on multiple unannounced project.”

While not much else is known as of yet, fans of the series can expect to hear more (hopefully soon), so keep your eyes peeled and ears to the ground…or just get a minion to do it for you, in true Overlord fashion.


Johnny Ohm

Johnny's first love was writing, his second was beer, and his third was The Elder Scrolls. He is resigned to his fate as a bitter critic who uses the crisping drawer to keep his lagers cold. You can contact Johnny via Twitter or ouija board.

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