Explore the Worlds of Star Wars Battlefront With ‘Planets Experience’

It’s hard to believe that Star Wars Battlefront, a game that once seemed like a pipe dream, is only two weeks away from release. If you simply can’t wait until the 17th of November, DICE has you covered. ‘Planets Experience‘ allows you to explore pre-recorded interactive videos of Sullust, Hoth, Endor and Tatooine. These videos detail unlockable weapons, species, game modes and other goodies, if that’s what floats your skiff.

These trailers are pretty neat, and they’ve put to bed some of the fears I had about the lack of weapon/unlock diversity on offer in the game. Star Wars Battlefront releases worldwide on the 17th of November, on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Liam Lambert

Liam is a writer from the UK. He is currently pursuing his childhood dream of become a professional wrestler, by constantly wrestling with his deteriorating mental health.

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