GIZORAMA’s First Streamer of the Week

Hey everyone! GIZORAMA is thrilled to announce the beginning of our new weekly feature Streamer of the Week, starring the UK’s own Nay as our very first guest!ptsiq-ai

Each week, we’ll choose one lucky streamer from the community to feature on the site as they play their favorite games. Viewers will be able to watch the stream, chat with our guest, learn their history, and connect with them via social media, all from the comfort of GIZORAMA (cushioned chairs and foot rubs not included)!

As our first guest, the lovely Nay has agreed (with only minor begging and pleading) to take us with her on her first playthrough of The Forest at 9:00AM EST this Saturday, January 31. Can she overcome the hordes of mutant cannibals that stalk through the underbrush, or will crafting and survival prove too tough? Tune in this weekend to find out (if it gets too scary you can just scroll down and read her bio, we won’t judge)!


In the meantime, you can check out Nay’s YouTube channel here, and peruse her Twitter feed here. We hope to see you Saturday!

Johnny Ohm

When his nose isn't diligently to the grindstone, Johnny can be found skulking around the dark corners of San Francisco's many pubs. You can contact Johnny via Twitter or ouija board.

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