GIZORAMA’s Next Streamer of the Week

Welcome to the weekend,everybody! Yesterday’s stream with Living Dead went great and we thank you all for coming out and showing your support!

In honor of the New Year (year of the goat), we’re proud to announce a little change-up with next weeks streamer. Starting on Saturday and continuing into the following Wednesday, COGSOLDIER1711 is going to take us on an exclusive tour of The Order: 1886, Alien Isolation, and Destiny every day starting at 11 AM PST (7 PM GMT). you can check out which games he plans on playing when with our detailed schedule below:


  • 4AM PST (12PM GMT) – The Order: 1886
  • 11AM PST (7PM GMT)The Order: 1886



  • 4AM PST (12PM GMT) – The Order: 1886
  • 11AM PST (7PM GMT)The Order: 1886



  • 4AM PST (12PM GMT) – The Order: 1886
  • 11AM PST (7PM GMT) – Destiny (flawless raid attempt )



  • 4AM PST (12PM GMT) – Destiny
  • 11AM PST (7PM GMT) – Alien Isolation



  • 4AM PST (12PM GMT) – Alien Isolation
  • 11AM PST (7PM GMT) – Destiny (Crota’s End)


So stop by and check out what COGSOLDIER1711 is up to next weekend! If you’d like to check him out beforehand, head on over to his Twitch channel or Twitter! Drop a line and say hello!

Johnny Ohm

Johnny's first love was writing, his second was beer, and his third was The Elder Scrolls. He is resigned to his fate as a bitter critic who uses the crisping drawer to keep his lagers cold. You can contact Johnny via Twitter or ouija board.


  1. Its only fair that the first comment comes from the man himself right?!
    I just have nothing creative to say!

    Ah, Who am I kidding?!!!!

    I am SO FRICKING PSYCHED to be streaming for you guys and the many fans that venture through these hallowed pages! I will try my utmost best to not be “The Boring British Guy” A’ight Gavernor!

    I’ll see you on the other side!

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