Halo 5 Countdown Reveals Episodic Hunt For the Truth Audio Logs

The Countdown is over! At the conclusion of the mysterious timer that appeared on Tumblr last Friday, Microsoft has announced the beginning of a weekly audio diary detailing an in depth profile of Master Chief, all told by fictional journalist and war photographer Benjamin Giraud.

The first audio episode, titled “Episode 00 Primer,” introduces Giraud as a journalist who was assigned to cover a detailed profile on the famous Spartan. Giraud’s page, formerly hosting the countdown timer, now provides us with a short bio and the first audio log, which can be found here.

For decades, I’ve served the galaxy as an investigative reporter and war photographer. Working primarily in public radio, I’ve covered human interest stories on Earth and in the Inner and Outer Colonies,” Giraud’s profile reads.”I’ve also contracted for UNSC, covering governmental and military affairs. I was at New Mombasa when the Master Chief first appeared to combat the Covenant attack.”

The Bullet: Look for the Details trailer located on the main page also reveals several clues regarding the future content. If slowed down at the proper times, indicated by the sliding hand on the progress bar, viewers can see the words “Son,” “Abductee,” “Victim,” “Orphan,” “Recruit,” “Soldier,” “Warrior,” “Ally,” “Hero,” “Savior,” and “Traitor” all etched into the bullet at separate revolutions, before it finally collides with Master Chief’s helmet in a blast of shattered armor and glass.

While not much else is known about this new addition to the Halo universe, fans can tune in each week for a brand new audio log entry to the mini series, which will presumably lead up to the release of Halo 5: Guardians. 

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