Heroes of the Storm’s The Eternal Conflict Event Goes Live

Blizzard’s MOBA Heroes of the Storm has launched a new multi-week Diablo-centric event, titled The Eternal Conflict.

The Eternal Conflict will introduce several notable updates to the popular MOBA, including three new characters, new skins and mounts, and two new maps.

The first of the three characters to be released is The Butcher, who will be followed by Leoric and The Monk in the coming weeks. The Butcher is described by Blizzard as a “a damage-dealing melee Assassin who gains strength by gathering ‘fresh meat’ from the remains of his fallen enemies.”

The first map to be released is called Battle of Eternity and features two immortals fighting in the center. The team that is able to help their immortal win gains an advantage that is sure to lay waste to opposing team.

During The Eternal Conflit, players will see Treasure Goblins (seen recently in Diablo 3). Killing them will grant the player in-game gold which can be used to purchase characters and skins.

Tyler Nope

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