Need for Speed will Require an Online Connection

According to a tweet from the official Need for Speed twitter page, the upcoming racing title will require an online connection. While it has been confirmed that NFS will have a single player mode, the game will still require an online connection when attempting to play.

The reboot focusing on customization and the urban car culture was announced last week with no mention of the always-online requirement. This development flies in the face of EA’s “back to the roots” strategy with the reboot, and fans of the series are responding quite critically to the decision.

The game is set to release November 3 according to a prematurely posted product page, so there may be hope yet that EA backtracks on this decision.

Luke Croft

Luke is from a NASCAR town in Virginia and hates left turns more than anything as a result. He lives for both the NBA and the NBA 2k season.

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