Nyko Announces New PS4 Peripherals at CES

CES 2015  is in full swing, and a number of new gaming products and accessories have been revealed. For PS4 owners, game peripheral and accessory manufacturer Nyko has two products that might be of interest.

First is the Nyko Databank (pictured above). At present, if you want to expand your PS4’s hard drive capacity, you need to use the smaller and more expensive 2.5 inch drives intended for laptops. With this product, PS4 owners will be able to use larger and cheaper 3.5 inch drives. The product works the same way as the current system of at-home hard drive installation for the PS4, and simply expands the compartment where the hard drive is installed. Currently, the PS4 is compatible with external hard drives that can be larger and often much cheaper, but these drives cannot install games. The Databank allows for these larger hard drives to be used as internal hard drives rather than external drives, and can greatly expand the capacity of your games library for a lower price. Currently, there is no release date or price set for the product, but Nyko has said that the peripheral will release sometime in 2015.

Dualshock 4 Keyboard
Dualshock 4 Keyboard

The second Nyko product of interest to PS4 owners is a QWERTY keyboard that attaches to the underside of the Dualshock 4. This is a little more straight forward, as the controller-mounted keyboard is not a new concept. If Nyko delivers a solid product here, this could mitigate significant time for tasks like entering download codes, searching for products, and searching for titles on Netflix. As with the Databank, there has been no release date or price announced for the keyboard.

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