Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect Teaser Revealed, Could Use A Tune Up

Little is known about the long-teased Sons of Anarchy spin-off game outside of show creator Kurt Sutter’s insistences that it won’t suck. A month ago, the game’s full name was revealed, as well as information regarding its release platforms (it’s a mobile game). Now, Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect has a teaser trailer, and it doesn’t exactly look promising. It’s never a good sign when a trailer is prefaced with “Rough Cut Game trailer”, but at least developer Orpheus Interactive is being honest about the game’s PS2-worthy visual quality.

As a fan of the show, I’m rather disappointed with what I’m seeing here. I was hoping for a fully fledged, Lost and the Damned-esque Sons of Anarchy game, complete with free-roaming, bike customization and all the drinking and debauchery (and Ron Perlman) a person could ever want. It doesn’t look like that’s what we’re going to get.

The game is slated for release on mobile devices in “Early 2015”. At least reviewers can make jokes about the game “needing to earn a patch”.


Liam Lambert

Liam is a writer from the UK. He is currently pursuing his childhood dream of become a professional wrestler, by constantly wrestling with his deteriorating mental health.

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