Tactical FPS Burstfire Details Revealed

Nacho Games and Free Reign Entertainment announced the development of Burstfire, a tactical team-based FPS that ditches traditional class restrictions.

Developed by former Hawken developers, Burstfire combines elements of close combat and tactical planning in 5v5 sudden-death matches. Defending layers must defend or conquer an objective by establishing defensive fortifications, choke points, and traps around their objective, while offensive players must form strategies amongst themselves for the coming assault.


Unlike traditional FPS games, Burstfire breaks the mold by abolishing the commonly used class system. Instead of being locked to the weapons and gear of a medic or engineer, players can pick and choose their loadout from the full selection of weaponry. Burstfire also emphasizes accuracy and tactical prowess over run-n-gunning, rewarding players for precise action while punishing those who recklessly throw their lives away.

After launch, developer Nacho Games will continue to provide Burstfire with additional DLC, including new maps and items. The game champions a “pay once, play forever” motto, but will provide cosmetic skins for guns and gear that can be purchased separately.

While no firm date has been announced, Burstfire is scheduled to arrive for PC in summer 2015. Check out the screenshots and their website.

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