Three New Game Modes Announced for Star Wars: Battlefront

Earlier this week EA gave an in-depth look into several new game modes for the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront.

The Heroes vs Villains mode is a 6-on-6 player match splitting teams into Rebels and Imperials. At random times during the game three players will spawn as iconic Light and Dark Side characters. The object of these quick and dirty rounds, of which there are three, is to eliminate opposing Heroes or Villains and protect your own. So far playable characters announced are Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett.

In Battles mode, players can take on an opposing player or an AI enemy, or team up and take on an AI duo. As opponents fall coins will drop and the first team to collect 100 coins is declared the winner. To mix it up, there is also a Hero Battle mode where, once again, you can play as iconic Star Wars characters. The heroes are harder to take down, but worth more in the end.

The final mode consists of five courses designed to help players familiarize themselves with Battlefront’s style of play. These Training Missions can be played individually or in co-op mode and allow acclimation to both Imperial and Rebel forces. In a blog post, EA assures that these missions are valuable for both casual and advanced players.

Leading up to the release of Battlefront on November 17th, more playable characters will be announced.

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