GOG Fall Sale: Hot Picks Day 1

With the annual GOG Fall Sale kicking into gear, we thought we’d offer our top 5 recommendations of the day. Be sure to click the title to be taken straight to the store page.

Super Time Force Ultra

Sale Price: $4.99 (67% off)

Genre: 2D Action

Super Time Force Ultra was a huge surprise for me. It gives you the ability to rewind time, but in doing so, it doesn’t undo what you’ve already done. So, for instance, if you’re fighting a boss and shooting it for 15 seconds takes down half it’s health, rewinding 15 seconds and repeating the same thing will now do twice the damage. It’s fun to see your clone bouncing around, almost like a co-op game, while you try to find a way to work with your old self. It’s a difficult game to describe, but it’s incredibly fun. We gave it a 4.5/5 in our review.


Sale Price: $14.99 (40% off)

Genre: Action

SUPERHOT has a lot in common with STFU. Again, you’re able to manipulate time, but in SUPERHOT, when you stop moving, so does time. This variation on your typical shooter allows for a lot more strategy, making the game feel almost like a puzzle game. SUPERHOT is a lot of fun, even if the experience is short-lived. We gave it a 4/5 in our review.

FTL: Advanced Edition

Sale Price: $2.49 (75% off)

Genre: Rogue-Like; Strategy

FTL: Faster Than Light is the ultimate spaceship command game. It puts you in charge of every aspect of controlling a space ship as it hurdles its way through the galaxy, fighting space pirates and the like. It’s hard. Like, really hard. And losing means you need to start over completely. That said, it’s endlessly entertaining, challenging, and rewarding.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut

Sale Price: $2.99 (80% off)

Genre: RPG; Tactical RPG

This might just be the best bang-for-your-buck value of the entire sale. For just $3, you’ll get the sequel to the pretty-good-but-not-great Shadowrun Returns. It wisely built upon the already great combat of the original, and injected it with a better story and a bit more freedom. Dragonfall could easily take you 20 or 30 hours to complete, and that price to length ratio is damn good.


Sale Price: $3.79 (75% off)

Genre: Action

Look, there’s a fair chance you’ve never played the other games I’ve recommended, and if there are a few you haven’t, then great. But Bastion is a modern-classic at this point, and it’s been on so many platforms, probably handed out for free so many times, there really isn’t a reason you shouldn’t have already played Bastion. Hell, you probably already own it somewhere. Bastion puts you in control of a young kid who goes around fighting monsters all over a world that’s on the brink of destruction. The gameplay is great, but what really sets Bastion apart is the stellar responsive narration. When you do something, the narrator describes it, and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen in any other game. It’s also complete with a deep customization system that encourages the use of multiple weapons. It also has a really great soundtrack.

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