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Like, For Reals: 5 Oscar Winning Movies That Need Game Adaptations

Movie-inspired games are arguably one of the cornerstones of the industry, producing some of our favorite titles today. While there have been notable exceptions that failed to achieve the same level of prestige as their cinematic counterparts (see the Arkham series), others, like Superman 64 and Green Lantern on Xbox 360, re-defined the genre. While there may be an abundance of games based on movies, there is one genre that has been noticeably ignored. With story-driven games making a huge resurgence, it’s surprising that we have not seen any game adaptations of Oscar winning films. As such, I have provided a list of the top 5 Oscar rated movies that should have been turned into video games.

1. The Hurt Locker

Prediction: Jeremy Renner will win most attractive 8-bit character.
Prediction: Jeremy Renner will win most attractive 8-bit character.

If ever there was a movie clambering to be a rogue-like, it’s The Hurt Locker. As the genre (and film) suggests, Hurt Locker: The Game will involve a permanent death system, where each respawn is played as a new recruit. Players will pick their way through an 8-bit, procedurally generated Afghanistan, where they must survive a total of two tours before being sent home. The core mechanic that will set Hurt Locker: The Game aside will be PTSD. As the game progresses, players will randomly be given buffs/debuffs based on the game’s memory of previous traumatic situations the character encountered. Really, the only question is would it once again be able to defeat Avatar, one of the best film-to-game adaptations ever made…

2. Kinect Presents: Dances with Wolves

Kinect is still selling well right? Right guys?!
Kinect is still selling well right? Right guys?!

Movement-based gaming is an economic juggernaut, and clearly here to stay. The Kinect is stronger than ever, and with an exclusive first-party title based on a beloved Kevin Costner film, it’s difficult to go wrong. It’s obvious that the game will have to rely on the stunning visuals of the film to inspire players to interpretive dance. Scores will be based on how well the emotion of the scene is conveyed through the series of what will no doubt be erratic movements, as well as a new Kinect feature that can sense how much other players are emoting through counting their tears. It’s a sure-fire win, especially coming hot off the heels of Star Wars Kinect.

3. Titanic: A Room Escape Adventure

To never let go of Rose, you will need to exchange 5 pearls or $5.99 USD
To never let go of Rose, you will need to exchange 5 pearls or $5.99 USD

With a film like Titanic, it’s important that the game retain the same feeling. As such, Titanic: A Room Escape Adventure will be published by Big Fish, and will be a point and click adventure in which players attempt to escape the slowly sinking ship. Players will be given the opportunity to pay small amounts of in-game or real-money currency to reduce the angle of the ship’s tilt. While the game will be beatable without having to make any purchases, it will be just about as difficult as a third-class passenger getting on a lifeboat…

4. Driving Miss Daisy

Come on, this is the only way we're getting Crazy Taxi back...
Come on, this is the only way we’re getting Crazy Taxi back…

Ever wonder what Hoke Colburn did when he wasn’t driving Miss Daisy? Well the result is a game that will likely be considered a spiritual successor to Crazy Taxi. This game will follow Hoke as he struggles to maintain a living as a private driver, while contending with racist clients and a society that wants nothing more than to see him fail. Players will rack up high scores by being efficient, but also not scaring their clients with their ethnicity. Gameplay could be considered a mix between a very realistic driving sim, where players also have to navigate quicktime conversation events with their passengers to maintain a friendly, but respectful atmosphere.

5. EA Sports Fight Night: Million Dollar Baby

If we're lucky, maybe Clint Eastwood will do an original song.
If we’re lucky, maybe Clint Eastwood will do an original song.

Finally, we move on to the ever-burgeoning sports-gaming genre. As the title suggests, this will be the next entry in the popular Fight Night series. It’s been a while since the last Fight Night title was released (c’mon EA, don’t make me write you another letter), and the best possible way to relaunch the series is by tying it to an equally popular film. Amateur boxing is something that the Fight Night series has only dabbled in. The game will focus on getting the feeling of hopelessness just right, and will also incorporate the popular ‘Stage Fatality’ mechanic from the Mortal Kombat series. EA will also finally get voice acting right (again, I don’t want to write another letter), and will have a realistic, motion-captured Clint Eastwood to yell at and motivate players.


Well, that’s my list. Did we miss any movies you would like to see converted? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter/Facebook. Also be sure to check my Twitter to know when the Gizorama team will be live streaming, and for general nonsense.


Ashton Macaulay

Ashton lives in the fairy tale village of Redmond Washington, has written a novel about a drunken monster hunter, and takes no responsibility for the sense of awe his articles might inspire.

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