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Amplitude Celebrates “Endless Day” With Unlockables, Announcements, and Discounts

Endless Day

Amplitude is celebrating Endless Day by releasing unlockable content for all of its currently released titles, new information regarding Endless Space 2, and announcing a new expansion pack for Endless Legend called Shifters.

For unlockable content, Amplitude is giving players an unlockable hero for playing Endless Space, Endless Legend, and Dungeon of the Endless.

The new expansion pack for Endless Legend, Shifters, has been announced for April and will add a new faction called the Allayi to the game. This faction will have the ability to shift during winters to be better suited to the conditions. The expansion will also contain a new resource called Pearls of Aurigia, which will help unlock new powers to help better suit other factions to winters as well.

Concept art for Endless Legend: Shifters

Amplitude also announced a new faction for Endless Space 2 called the Sophons. These creatures are described as having a dangerous level of curiosity, with a primary focus on philosophy and exploring. More details on the faction can be found on the newly created wiki page.

Finally, all games under the Endless umbrella have been heavily discounted on Steam. 

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