Fallout Shelter Update Adds Crafting, Rooms, Items, and More

Great news for Fallout Shelter players, Update 1.4 is officially out and it adds a heap of new features to the game. New updates include:

  • Turn worthless junk into useful items with the new crafting system.
  • Build the new Weapon and Armor crafting rooms and use them to create your own items in game.
  • Lunchboxes now contain a bonus 5th card: Junk (for crafting). Lucky wasteland explorers may also find junk on their adventures.
  • The new Barbershop room to customize the look of any Dweller.
  • New Outfits and Weapons straight from Fallout 4 in lunchboxes, or craft them yourself!
  • New Dogs and Cats, and for the first time, Parrots! Plus, new Pet bonuses.
  • Time of day is now properly reflected.

Fallout Shelter is available for free on both the App Store or Google Play.

Kanji Prearms

Kanji has been holding a controller since he could walk, and loves nothing more than talking about his latest conquest with friends.

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