Halo 5’s Forge Playlist and Voting is Live

Ever since Halo 3, the forge mode has always been a strong source of content for Halo’s online component, and now Halo 5 is incorporating it as well.

The new Forge playlist is now live in the latest installment of the Halo series, and 343 is allowing players to vote on their favorite maps. The winners of the vote will comprise the February playlist, adding a cycle of constantly changing maps. For more information, see Halo Waypoint’s original community post.


What do you think of Halo’s Forge Mode? Let us know in the comments below.

John Ceccarelli

John lives in a small city outside of Portland, OR. He has been chasing achievements and trophies since his early teen years. After working at a small shoe company during the week, he enjoys spending time with his dog and wife, writing code, and crawling through monster-infested dungeons.

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