I’ll Be Back… In a Mobile Game… – Plarium Games Announces Terminator Mobile Game

Plarium Games, the same studio that just introduced Megan Fox into their mobile game Stormfall: Rise of Balur, has recently acquired the license to make a Terminator-based mobile game. The game will be a clan-based MMO, similar to Plarium’s other games, and once again following the now hugely successful Clash of Clans formula (a company that was just sold for 8.5 billion dollars). Gameplay will take themes from the entire Terminator franchise, but will be focusing on the most recent installment in the franchise, Terminator: Genysis.

No confirmation on the state of California being a playable faction.
No confirmation on the state of California being a playable faction.

The team seems to be made up of enthusiasts for the original films, and will hopefully be able to do justice for a franchise that has been waning as of late. “We all grew up on the Terminator franchise as kids, and bringing the essence of Terminator Genisys to a game together with the innovative team at Skydance is a great aspiration we took on”, said Leonard Frankel, Head of Business Development for Plarium. “In this game we will call upon our players to pick sides and make history: help humanity prevail or crush it. This will be epic!”

As the game does not come out until 2017, the details are sparse, but we’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available.

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