Just Cause 3 Receives Massive PC Patch

Avalanche Studios has released a new patch for the PC version of Just Cause 3 and it’s a doozy. First reported by reddit user fbimiro, it’s a whopping 1.1 GB.

Last week, Avalanche Studios revealed that update 1.02 would add “significantly improved loading times, optimizations to online stats, [and] general stability fixes.” Added patch notes stated that the developer “fixed an issue related to challenges, wherein vehicles sometimes disappeared when starting a challenge,” and for the PC version of the game, the studio “fixed issues related to screen resizing and closing the game window before the game has fully started up.”

Some reddit users are reporting that the patch has gotten rid of pesky stuttering problems and that the game is now running smoothly at 60 fps, while others seem uncertain as to whether this problem was truly fixed. This update should also prepare the game for its upcoming expansion, entitled Sky Fortress, which is the first part of the Air, Land, & Sea expansion pass ($24.99). Perks of the pass include the ability to play the expansions a week early, while also being able to spruce up your wingsuit and parachute with a wickedly cool flame skin.

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Nick Ransbottom

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  1. “A wickedly cool flame skin,” you have to be kidding me. They haven’t mentioned anything about sli support, fov adjustments, or anything people are mentioning on forums… but yeah, flame skin, super cool, thanks for mentioning it.

    1. ^^^^ I agree with Doug. They are releasing a DLC for a broken game only because they want to generate as much income as they can while the game is still being talked about. The vast majority of people that will buy this game already have. They have denied my refund request as they have many people. You would think that fixing the game would be a much higher priority. At the very least, they could tell us if SLI is ever going to be supported!

    2. Hi Doug! At the time of the writing, there was no information about SLI support, FOV adjustments, or the like. All we knew for certain is that the update would help prep the game for the upcoming expansion. Please know that at GIZORAMA we do our absolute best to give you accurate information–it just so happens that, at the time, there was no accurate information to give aside from the update rolling out. I hope this clarifies the issue. Thanks for commenting; we appreciate any and all opinions!

      1. What was I thinking, Gizmodo writes about anything and everything garbage, of course you have no interest in holding publishers and developers of broken products accountable. All it takes are a few publications to point out how shady they’ve been about their business practices this year and something could be done. Happened with Arkham Knight. Maybe stay in your own lane and leave the coverage of the gaming industry to professionals and people who care about improving it, not just pandering for more clicks.

        I’d also argue that ignoring to point out JC3’s overwhelming faults plaguing all platforms makes this whole article inaccurate.

        1. Hi Doug. We’re GIZORAMA, not Gizmodo. Perhaps you have your sites confused, much like you have your idea of how a news article should be written. Hope this helps with your concerns!

          1. Ah, you’re right, I was wrong with the suffix of your “GIZORAMA”, that was my mistake. However, “news” articles should be written objectively, disagree as you may.

            Also, the fact that you’re an actual video game based website makes this even more embarrassing. Did Avalanche pay you guys?

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