Kotaku’s Going to Be Just Fine Says Kotaku

Earlier this week it was announced that Gawker media is currently in the process of filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy following a lengthy legal battle with Hulk Hogan. Kotaku, its daughter company and fellow gaming site, had this to say in an update for its readers:

“For more than a decade, we at Kotaku have been publishing the kinds of stories and videos about games and gaming culture that we believe people who love this stuff want to see. And we thank the millions of you who have kept up with us each and every month. Through the Chapter 11 process, we will continue normal operations and maintain that same editorial focus. That means covering E3 next week, reporting about gaming culture in the months to come and, of course, writing the best possible review of Half-Life 3 when it finally comes out.”

As of right now, Ziff Davis, owner of other gaming site IGN, has placed a bid for Gawker’s assets for $100 million. It’s unclear if the site has been bought yet or not, but it seems that its writers are confident enough to assuage fears of it going anywhere anytime soon.

Jonathon Garrard

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