Nintendo Delivers Huge Amiibo News; Pre-Order Roy Today

Attention, amiibo collectors! Nintendo has made a huge announcement regarding the popular collectibles today. Coming in March are the next wave of Animal Crossing amiibo, featuring Timmy & Tommy (one figure), Rover, and Kapp’n. Additionally, Digby will be released as a standalone amiibo. Also announced were amiibos for Ryu of Street Fighter, R.O.B. in his Famicom colors, and Roy of Fire Emblem, which Polygon reports will be exclusive to GameStop; pre-order Roy in-store or online starting at 3pm EST today. All figures will be released on March 18th.


For Pokemon‘s 20th anniversary, select retailers will be restocked with the following amiibo: Charizard, Jigglypuff, Greninja, and Lucario. In other Animal Crossing amiibo news, the next wave of amiibo cards for use with the 3DS’ Happy Home Designer and the Wii U’s amiibo Festival will launch in March, and will bring the card count to a total of 300.

Nintendo also confirmed that the upcoming Star Fox Zero, which launches on April 22nd, will have amiibo functionality, though it hasn’t detailed how. Amiibo functionality for both the Mario and Sonic amiibo has been confirmed for Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, which launches on March 18th.


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