Return of the Overwatch Beta!

After an almost two-month break, Blizzard announced yesterday that the Overwatch beta will be returning on February 9th!

Blizzard used the break to test out several new features and heroes. The official statement says that the following changes or additions have been made:

  • An all new progression system (in the original beta there was no progression system at all).
  • Two new maps, and a new game mode.
  • Several hero balance updates (please tell me that the erudite space gorilla is viable now, it’s all I want).
  • A variety of Private Game updates including A.I. matches.

A full statement on the beta updates can be found on the forums here. Are you going to be playing the Overwatch beta? Let us know what you think of the changes on Twitter/Facebook.

Ashton Macaulay

Ashton lives in the fairy tale village of Redmond Washington, has written a novel about a drunken monster hunter, and takes no responsibility for the sense of awe his articles might inspire.

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