The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 Is Available on Steam

Quietly, the classic 1990’s cartoon series that followed Mario and Luigi’s adventures (based loosely off of their third outing) released on Steam a little over a week ago. The 13-episode run is available as a bundle for $17.81 or $1.99 each as of this writing.

As with many of Nintendo’s choices of late, this comes as a surprise mainly because there’s been no major announcement of this nostalgic mushroom trip down Toadstool Lane. But, despite the strangeness of this 26 year-old series revival, it does have one thing in common with Nintendo’s future plans; neither have been talked about by Nintendo itself.

Jonathon Garrard

Jonathon lives just south of Indianapolis, Indiana, and he's beaten a video game or two in his time. He also writes books. You should follow him on Twitter.

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