World of Final Fantasy Collector’s Edition Revealed

Square Enix has revealed the Collector’s Edition of World of Final Fantasy.


The $120 Square Enix Store exclusive includes the following:

  • Physical game disc
  • A special 80-page hardback artbook showing off the fresh toy-like visuals
  • The original soundtrack of the game’s enchanting score
  • A set of three mini-figurines including the legendary Cloud, Lightning and Squall
  • Extra digital content, including White Chocobo®, Glow Moogle and Red Bonnetberry mirages, a Sephiroth summon and a Japanese voice-over option add-on

The game is presented in a pop-up book fashion, includes the game, and is released October 25th.

Also released today was a new trailer, introducing players to the world of World of Final Fantasy.

Tyler Nope

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