Amazon Does Away with Prime Discount for New Games

If you’re like me, you’re an avid Amazon Prime member. Free 2-day shipping and Prime Video are great, but one of the major bonuses is the 20% off physical games. Well it seems that’s changed overnight. If you recall, Prime Subscribers used to be able to receive a 20% discount on physical video games (with certain exceptions such as toys-to-life), if you pre-ordered the game or purchased it within 2 weeks of release. This gave Prime members a chance to read reviews, watch streams, and make a firm decision on whether or not this game was worth their hard-earned money (and still nab that sweet 20% discount). Well, it seems those days are behind us. Amazon is now only offering the 20% discount on pre-orders. Once a game is released, you’re stuck paying full price. For more information, see the example at the bottom of the page.

Preordering the new Uncharted game nets you a 20% discount, noted when adding to cart.


No discount is offered or applied for Agents of Mayhem, a brand new game.

Unlike the Best Buy Gamers Club, which offers a blanket 20% discount on new games, regardless of age, Amazon’s promotion details indicate specifically that the order must be placed prior to the item’s release date. Amazon has also change their policy, removing the discount from collectors editions of any kind (to read the promotion details, click here). This is especially notable after Amazon reduced the discount in Canada from 20% down to 10%. This looks to be a massive win for Best Buy, with their Gamers Club offering 20% off for $30 every 2 years.

John Ceccarelli

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  1. I just found this out the hard way. I only preorder games if I know I am going to get them day one no mater what (Persona 5, Mario, and some others) and what for reviews to come in. Went to get Mario Rabbids the other day and no discount. Looks like I am going to shell out the 30 bucks for Best Buys membership. Sucks, because Amazon has the Visa card where you get 5% back on Amazon purchases and it kicked the savings up even more.

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