Arc System Works Reveals BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

Arc System Works announced a new BlazBlue game at Evo 2017 titled, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, and it sure does look interesting.

The long-time developer of the BlazBlue franchise is shaking things up with the next installment in the series. Cross Tag Battle will focus around 2 v 2 battles and feature characters from other franchises. In the new teaser trailer, it was revealed that Yu Narukami from Persona 4 & Hyde from Under Night In-Birth will be playable alongside familiar BlazBlue characters. At the end of the trailer, there was a “one more thing” moment as Ruby Rose from Rooster Teeth’s hit anime series, RWBY, was also revealed as a playable character. This was teased earlier in the week on the #RoosterTeam Twitter account.

Aside from the reveals, not much information was provided about the game. We know it’s coming to consoles, but it has not been confirmed which consoles it will be coming to. As for the gameplay, fans of the series are interested to see how the mechanics of the characters from other franchises will translate over to the BlazBlue series. It’s also expected that more characters will be revealed in time, but there’s no word as to where else they will be pulled from.

Arc System Works has confirmed that BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle will launch on consoles in 2018. What characters would you like to see make their way over to the games? Let us know in the comments below.

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