Day of Infamy Adding Dunkirk Map

Just in time for the release of the highly-anticipated Christopher Nolan filmĀ Dunkirk, New World Interactive will be releasing an update, which includes a map inspired by the real-life battle at Dunkirk, France. A trailer, shown above, has been released.

The new Dunkirk map offers a change of pace from the game’s other maps, as it ends on the beach as opposed to starting there.

Additionally, players will get a chance to experience another map set in the village of Breville, France, based upon the scenario in which the British 6th Airborne Division liberated the village, mere days before the infamous D-Day.

The Breville map showcases the game’s new foliage system, designed to offer better concealment from the opposing team.

To celebrate the new update, New World Interactive will be hosting a livestream today at 9am PST on Twitch.

GIZORAMA posted preview coverage of Day of Infamy back in January. Click here to read.

Look for the update to be released later today.

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